March 10, 2004

Offline Addictions

I've gotten a new obsession. One that costs a bit of money, which isn't very good since I am currently unemployed, but oh well. I'm rather enjoying myself despite, although my fingers hurt quite a bit.

My newest hobby is knitting and I love love love it.

So far, I've worked through the three beginner projects in Stitch'N Bitch and two felted bags, along with numerous scarves for myself, my mother, and my sister. I am looking towards starting a stocking cap for Mike. I will try to post images soon, perhaps in my journal, which would be more appropriate than here.

Here, I will list some sites that are, in my opinion, very interesting so far.

Kool-Aid Dyeing seems all the rage and I love the stripey colors that come out of it. I am looking for about 1000 yards of cheap, undyed 100% wool yarn for me to play with.

Knitter's Review is a place where one can find different types of yarn and their attributes. I wish there was a review of NORO's Kureyon, so that I can see what they think of it relative to other yarns, since I've become familiar with the texture and properties of Kureyon.

The Booga Bag is one of the bags I've just completed. It is currently draped over a box as I attempt to shape it. I get the feeling I will be making this type of bag frequently for gifts. (Relatively) cheap and fast! Made of 100% wool! Feels great! Personalized! Woo hoo!

Atypically.Net is the best site for Harry Potter knitted stuff. Dare I try to make a scarf for the upcoming movie? I'm tempted but I might go mad trying to knit something that is so repetitive.

Patternworks is a way-cool website with fairly inexpensive yarn! I've been buying locally, which is great for instant gratification, but I've started looking to buy my yarn online.

The shell and wave shawl, which I might make a variation of for my mother's birthday (coming up in early April). I don't know what to make her yet. I already made her a longish, thin scarf that was my intarsia instruction, but want to make her something really really beautiful that she can use and/or see every day.

As you can tell, my brain is pretty occupied with my new hobby. If only my hands would stop hurting!